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Triple glazing and double glazing windows in Galway | Envirohome Windows

Energy efficient double glazing windows in Galway

Wooden windows, single glazed, over a decade or more, then your windows may not be energy efficient and you could be spending more on heating your home.

As fuel costs continue to increase, now is a good time to find those replacements to lower your heating fuel bills and remove those drafty spots in your home, and thus giving you a better quality environment to live in.

Typically, our triple glazing windows are over three times more energy efficient than old double glazing, and more than five times better than single glazing. That’s massive, but let’s put this into context with an example from our very own 30 second estimate calculator.

If we look at a typical three bedroom semi-detached house, with existing upvc double glazing, and oil fired heating, then upgrading to modern, EnviroHome double glazing will result in savings over 10 years of around £2,681. What’s more, if you were to opt for our triple glazing windows then you can look to make 10 year savings in the region of £3,665. That’s over 37% bigger saving, just by choosing triple glazing over A rated double glazing. Naturally, the 30 second estimator makes assumptions to calculate savings. As you would expect these are in line with industry practice and the details are shown on the page.

Energy efficient windows in Galway save money

Remember, that the above example result is based on existing double glazing. The savings you can make in comparison to single glazing or wood windows are significantly bigger That’s massive, but let’s put this into context with an example from our very own 30 second estimate calculator.

What’s more, double glazed windows are no longer all about shiny white plastic. Of course white upvc remains a popular choice as it doesn’t date and modern upvc retains its colour and surface finish for many years. But now you also have a wide choice of colours and woodgrain effects to really give your home the personal touch.

double glazing windows at Galway

And don’t forget that EnviroHome double and triple glazing just doesn’t look good and save you money, but also on the ears reducing noise pollution and keeping you in a peaceful home.

And finally, there is nothing worse than opening curtains to see a window full of condensation, dripping on to surfaces. Our double glazing and triple glazing help to keep the warmth on the inside substantially reducing or eliminating condensation.

EnviroHome windows are only available through our installer network. Our installers work to the highest standard and we are proud of our customer service. EnviroHome approved installers are available in Galway to install your triple glazing windows, double glazing and doors. To find your local installer available to service Galway, simply use our Find an installer tool.